maggio 19, 2017

Mixis Air derived from the collaboration between Crassevig and MARIOFERRARINISTUDIO to create a vertatile seating concept. The shell is made of polypropylene with various base option including wooden or metal legs, metal sled base, wooden trestle, aluminium trestle and aluminium swivelbase on castors. The collection is available in many...


maggio 17, 2017

The sensuality of form, the softness of the enveloping lines, the continuity of the surfaces, the charm that becomes mystery, what is known hides the unknown. It could only be called Venus and postpones explicitly to the concept of beauty, grace and feminine sensuality. The front image of the...


maggio 17, 2017

An elegant study in geometry and movement, the Galileo Mirror is in a state of constant balance. It is like a pendulum, gracefully suspended from its mount by a thin wire that bisects the circular design. Its unique design allows it to swing, poetically reflecting the world in its...


maggio 17, 2017

tout court /tu kùur/ french adverb: in short, briefly, without addition or specifications, clarifications or alternative needed, nothing else to say. Nothing more to say is the expression that dfines a complete project, a project to which nothing needs to be added. TUKUUR is a unique collection that offers...


maggio 17, 2017

Otto represents the stool as an essential element in both domestic and public spaces, but with a very strong personality. The Crassevig Otto bar stool contains a unique tube-shaped steel element, which also works as a footrest containing the seat. The Otto barstool is offered in upholstered and veneer...


maggio 17, 2017

Velis find interest to the relation that exists between the wooden parts frame and textile padded.These parts mutually supportive pointing out this balance effect.


maggio 17, 2017

Often the most simplest of ideas are the most successful. Antoniolupi did essentially a creed of “do not take anything for granted” as their own style. Hence, many technical details have since gained an aesthetic connotation. Details and accessories have followed a pattern made up of the most important elements. Rigorous forms were enriched with...


maggio 17, 2017

It’s a mobile chair designed for public space experiences, a chair which turns into a rucksack and can hold everything you need for your day out. A new chair concept which thinks outside the box – its rucksack function makes it unique. It is inspired by the ancient rural...


maggio 17, 2017

An element, the surface for accessories, that is always a friend of the basin. A functional presence, necessary due to its daily usage, generates a new form, an essence of the project itself. Simplo is a complete family of washbasins made of Flumood in which part of the basin...


maggio 17, 2017

Aura is a project that has evolved through time, becoming a complete and versatile seating family for every space and stylistic context, keeping a particular value of welcoming harmony in shapes and high quality in every detail. A concept from which different versions were born: an upholstered chair, a...