Leykos (from the ancient Greek, meaning white) is an innovative concept, with a refined design, which incorporates a freestanding stove, sink and accessories, such as a draining board, a chopping board and a drainage grate into a single module. The design is completed by a dedicated extractor hood.

The ritual of cooking, even when done creatively, represents the application of a precise method, marked by different phases: we start by rinsing the food, cutting it up and then cooking it, which involves specific work areas in the kitchen. These - explains designer Mario Ferrarini - are often designed separately, without them having any apparent relationship, even though interaction between the different areas of the kitchen is essential at the time of their use.

This simple observation is the design theme from which Leykos, was created, a research concept that was conceived and designed by Mario Ferrarini for Franke and previewed at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. With Leykos the combination of different functions in one intervention area represents a new way of thinking about the ritual of cooking without noticeably changing habits.




Integrated surface: 186x52x26 (h) with 12 mm over counter

Extractor hood: 75x50x38 (d)